Current Wait List for Reeds: 3-4 weeks

When will I receive my reeds?
If the waiting list is 4 weeks, the reeds will be shipped at the end of the 4 weeks. Choosing a faster shipping option does not shorten your time on the waiting list, it just ensures that your reeds are in mail limbo for fewer days. If you ever want more detailed information about when I expect to ship your order, please contact me with an inquiry.

Is there a "right-side-up" on oboe reeds while playing?
Yes- all of my oboe, oboe d'amore, and English horn reeds are clipped so that one blade is slightly longer than the other. You want the shorter blade facing down (against your bottom lip). I systematically clip reeds so that the side of the reed with the thread crossover should face down while you play. On EH and d'amore reeds, the side with the wire twist should face down.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes.  International buyers are responsible for any import taxes.

Do you take back the plastic shipping cases?
YES!!! Let's keep them out of the landfill! I will accept back any unused plastic shipping cases at any time. Wait until you fill up a box of them, and ship them back to me at my return address on the original shipment.

Can I send you back my used staples and receive a discount on future reeds?
Unfortunately, no. While in theory I like this idea, in practice it is not very efficient for me as a reed-maker.